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Monday, April 26, 2010

Girls with cellphones

Girl in blue with cellphone

The young woman sitting at an outside table, outside a restaurant called Le Pain Quotidien, located on Broadway between 91st and 92nd Street, and apparently concentrating very hard on a cellphone conversation.

Girl in yellow with cellphone

Young woman was having a long, earnest conversation with someone on her cellphone in Central Park.

Girl in white with cellphone

At the southwest corner of Broadway & 91st Street.

photos by Ed Yourdon

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Nokia 2330 classic

Nokia 2330 classic

Nokia 2330 Classic is an easy-to-use phone with a built-in VGA camera, stereo FM radio recorder, and GPRS internet connection. Supports Mail on Ovi, to create email accounts directly on the 2330 Classic without having to use a personal computer. Nokia Life Tools provides farmers and students with timely and relevant agriculture information and education services designed for rural communities in emerging markets.

PC Sync
GPRS (Class 10) / EDGE
Bluetooth 2.0 (HFP / HSP)
wap 2.0 (Opera Mini 4 / Nokia Mobile Search)
email POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP


Friday, November 06, 2009

CellPhoneShop Thanksgiving Sale

During November CellPhoneShop is running a Thanksgiving Sale with savings up to 80%.
They also have Hot products that make perfect gifts for the holidays such as bluetooth headsets, micro SD memory cards, and leather cases.
10% Discount. Mini Purchase $15. EXP: Jan 15, 2010
Visit Cell Phone Shop and save up to 80% on your cell phone accessories

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

CellPhoneShop a Columbus Day Sale

During October CellPhoneShop is running a Columbus Day Sale with savings up to 80%. CellPhoneShop also have bluetooth headsets starting as low as $8.99. All car chargers, ac chargers, leather cases, and handsfrees are only $2.99.

Ends 12/30: 10% Discount Coupon. $15 Minimum Purchase.

Visit Cell Phone Shop and save up to 80% on your cell phone accessories

They offer huge discounts of up ot 80% during our Columbus Day Sale.

CellPhoneShop Best sellers

1. 4GB microSDHC Memory Card
- - $11.99

2. 8GB microSDHC Memory Card
- - $19.99

3.Original Motorola H690 Bluetooth Headset - White Box Pack
- - $27.99

4. Universal Battery Travel Charger
- - $3.99

5. BlueAnt Q1Bluetooth Headset - White Box
- - $59.99
6.Original Motorola H700 / 89086 Bluetooth Headset - White Box Pack
- - $27.99

7. Original Motorola S9 Bluetooth Stereo Headset (Black) - White Box Pack
- - $44.99

8.Original Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset (Black) - Retail Pack
- - $59.99

9.Bluetooth Cell Phone Car Kit
- - $29.99

10.Original Motorola H371 Bluetooth Headset - Retail Pack
- - $16.99

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Handsfree With on/off Switch For Nokia 51xx, 61xx,71xx, 63xx, 3285

This cell phone accessory is compatible with the following Nokia models: 3285, 5110, 5120, 5130, 5160, 5165, 5165i, 5170, 5180, 5185, 5185i, 5190, 6081, 6110, 6120, 6130, 6150, 6160, 6161, 6162, 6185, 6188, 6190, 6310i, 6340, 6360, 6370, 6385, 7710, 7760 and 7160.It consists of a portable earphone and microphone system that allows you to have complete hands-free operation anywhere and anytime. Button on the Microphone allows you to answer a call without having to reach for your Nokia phone to do so. It offers you the freedom to speak and move about without having to hold the phone. Simply plug or clip the unit into the bottom of your Nokia cellular phone and place the earpiece in your ear.
Handsfree With on/off Switch For Nokia 51xx, 61xx,71xx, 63xx, 3285

Handsfree With On/Off Button For Nokia 1100, 1221, 1260, 1261

This handsfree is compatible with the following Nokia models: 1100. 1221. 1260, 1260i. 1261. Features: Super clear sound quality. Comes with an ON/OFF button located on the Microphone allows you to answer a call without having to reach for your phone. Includes movable clip which along the cord to clip on shirts. Works along with a Car Lighter Adapter or Travel Charger.
Handsfree With On/Off Button For Nokia 1100, 1221, 1260, 1261


Black Faceplate For Nokia 21xx Series

This black faceplate is compatible with Nokia 2190, 2180, 2170, 2160 and 2160i cell phones only. Keypad and lens are included.It requires a Torx #6 screw driver for installation.
Black Faceplate For Nokia 21xx Series


Friday, December 26, 2008

Free Christmas ringtones

Cellware prepared lots of free ringtones for your cellphone this Christmas.
Xmas-Dr Evil
Xmas-Austin Powers
Xmas-Achmed the...
Christmas Wassup
Techno Santa
SMS Merry Christmas
Rudolph Scat
Rock n Roll Christmas melody
Jack Black-Pick it up
Indian X-Mas ringtone
Homer-Rudolph mellody
Homer We Wish You
Homer Jingle Bells
Here Comes Christmas
Happy Christmas
Family Gye Santa kissing
Christmas Wish
Chinese X-Mas ringtone
Celebrate Hanukkah
Caribean X-Mas
Borat-Jingle Bells
Bling Bling Bells

and lots of other, absolutly free Christmas cellphone ringtones.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nokia 3600 slide cellfone

Nokia 3600 slide is one of those handsets which no one seems to covet, love and lust but everybody ends up buying or having. It's a straightforward guess that a S40 handset of subdued but comfortable styling and sufficient skill will simply go around. The neat and compact Nokia slider has all the basics duly covered and strives to deliver beyond its price in terms of imaging. A 3.2 megapixel camera, VGA video and TV out should be enough of an identity booster.
Catering to the mid range is by no means an easy task. Affordability goes without saying, but you won't do without personality. How do you set your goods apart without ending up with a niche product? Plus, the midrange is a stretchy concept already. The limits are blurring over megapixel count, 3G and multimedia. Last but not least, yesterday's high-enders are getting cheaper, to make the utterly overcrowded midrange extra unfriendly.

Those are the kind of issues for Nokia 3600 slide to tackle and it chooses to do so by focusing on imaging. The 16M-color screen, 3 megapixel autofocus camera, VGA video and TV-out are the only goodies that are a bit too haughty for the midrange. The rest is plain and simple stuff that comes by the handful. The 200 euro package includes an audio player, FM radio, stereo Bluetooth, EDGE and expandable memory, all on the fit and reliable S40 platform. The smooth slider casing and neat looks round it all off.

It does come out as a comprehensive feature set, but 3G would've really made it hard to resist. The 3600 slide still has enough to keep us busy, so let's get down to it. Unboxing and hardware inspection are this small jump away.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

How to Save YouTube video to your cellPhone

Do you visit YouTube fairly often?
Wish you could take your favorite YouTube videos and download them to your PC to watch them when offline?
Better yet, wouldn't you like to watch those same video clips on your mp3 player device, cellphone, or PowerPoint presentation?
Maybe you want just want the audio track from a video you just watched.

You can do all of this with Video Piggy which works as a video downloader and converter.

Here is a brief run down on how to download and convert videos from YouTube to your pc using the Video Piggy software.

1. First you need to locate the page on YouTube containing your video.
2. You then need to copy the URL link currently in your internet browser address bar. (Highlight the URL, then Right-Click and select Copy)
3. Next, you need to launch the Piggy Video Software. You will see a text field labeled, Video Page URL. Paste the address you previously copied into this field.
4. In the Output form below, you can choose the format in which you wish to convert and save the video as.
5. Click on Convert after you have selected your output format. You will be prompted to name your file and choose where to save it on your computer. Done!

Videos can be converted to AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV and 3GP video formats. You now have formats which are compatible with most DVD players, portable media players, and mobile phones.

To get a copy of Video Piggy along with some more information - http://rkitong.videopiggy.hop.clickbank.net/.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3G UMTS Music Phone for Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson today adds its first UMTS handset to the Walkman range of music phones bringing the total number of phones in the range to four. The W900 is a high quality fully specified music player, phone and imaging device capable of super-fast downloads of all types of multimedia – music, video and graphics. It follows the highly successful global market launch of the W800. Two previously announced Walkman phones are also about to launch, the W600 in the Americas and W550 in the rest of the world, meaning there are now Walkman phones meeting a broad spectrum of mobile music needs and price segments.

As a music player, the W900 makes it easy to import, transfer, manage and play music from operators’ over-the-air (OTA) music download services, allowing tracks to be downloaded directly to the phone while on the move and, from a PC when tracks have been copied from the owner’s CD collection.

One of the most appealing features of the W900 is how easy it is to import, transfer, play and manage music files. Tracks can be imported from a variety of sources, either over-the-air direct to the phone if it supports an available operator music download service, or via a PC.

More than a fully featured music player, the W900 is a highly advanced imaging and multimedia device with broadband-fast download speeds, smooth, responsive browse capabilities and a large, 2.2 inch QVGA 262K TFT screen, one of the brightest ever seen on a mobile phone.

The W900 is the first Sony Ericsson phone to be supplied with a Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-80 with remote control, that allows the user to operate the Walkman player without removing it from their pocket. A USB cable and Disc2Phone PC software for transfer and management of music files are also included in the box.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Skype is Available for Nokia N800

Skype is now available on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, bringing Skype conversations where a wireless internet connection (WiFi) is available.

Skype for the Nokia N800 will be available for download for existing users. There will also be Skype download links on the latest release of Nokia N800 devices which will be available at retail and on the Skype online store. From coffee shops and public parks to offices to hotels or even on the beach - users will now be able to make Skype calls anywhere they can find a WiFi hotspot.

Today, Skype is enjoyed by over 196 million people worldwide. Users download Skype software to make free voice and video calls and send instant messages over the Internet, between Skype users. Skype also offers paid-for services which let users make and forward calls to landlines and mobile phones at low per-minute rates. To enhance the Skype user experience, leading manufacturers such as Nokia have developed products that give users the additional flexibility to place and receive Skype calls wherever they are.

Support for Skype for the Nokia N800 is available with the feature upgrade release to the latest OS 2007 edition. The feature upgrade also introduces Adobe Flash 9 browser plug-in taking a step forward in web compatibility, support for larger capacity memory cards and considerably enhanced online use-times among other improvements. The OS upgrade is immediately installable from www.nokia.com/N800 .

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YouTube Coming to LG CellPhones

LG Electronics said Tuesday it has signed an agrement with YouTube, the world's biggest video-sharing website, to develop a mobile phone which can operate the service. The proposed model will enable users to upload, view and share video clips or user-created content online freely without using computers.

For upcoming YouTube-enabled handsets, LG will apply a new user interface for easily accessing and uploading video content. LG's YouTube-enabled handsets will be available worldwide starting at end of this year.

LG first announced its agreement to pre-install Google's services on its handsets in March 2007. As a first step in this partnership, LG and Google have already launched the world's first HSDPA smartphone with Google services pre-installed, the LG-KS10, which features Google Search, Gmail Mobile, and Google Maps Mobile. The LG-KS10 first hit shelves in Italy this past April.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Deutsche Telekom and Iphone

Deutsche Telekom's (DTEGn.DE) mobile phone unit T-Mobile clinched a deal to bring Apple Inc's iPhone handset to Germany, according to a report in a German daily.
Without citing sources Rheinische Post said in a preview of a story to be published on Wednesday that T-Mobile is expected to sell the iPhone exclusively with a T-Mobile contract for around 450 euros ($612) starting Nov 1.
Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile were not immediately available for comment.

The iPhone, which comes with an in-built iPod, web browser and e-mail software, went on sale in the United States on Friday.
Apple has signed up top U.S. telecoms operator AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T - news) in an exclusive deal for at least two years to sell the phone in the United States, where customers willing to sign a two-year contract are expected to pay $500 to $600 for a handset.

In Europe, Britain's Vodafone Group (VOD.L), Deutsche Telekom, Paris-based France Telecom (FTE.PA) and Spain's Telefonica (TEF.MC) have been tipped as potential partners for Apple.

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YouTube is coming to LG cellphones

The ability to view and upload videos to YouTube is coming to some LG Electronics cellphones later this year.
The service will allow users to shoot video on their handsets and send it directly to the popular online video site, LG said in a statement. The first phones with the ability to do this will be available worldwide "at the end of the year."
LG already has links with YouTube parent company Google. In March this year the two companies agreed to put various Google services on some models of LG cellphones. The first handset with such features, the LG-KS10, was launched in Italy in April and comes with Google search, Gmail for mobile, and Google Maps for mobile preinstalled.
But the deal is far from exclusive. LG also inked a similar agreement with Google rival Yahoo to put that company's services on some handsets. Specifically, LG will install Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Messenger on some handsets.
In some cases where the cellular carrier buys phones from LG and co-brands them, the software and features installed on the handset are decided by the carrier. In these cases phones might carry none of the Google or Yahoo applications.
YouTube launched a version of its service formatted for cellphones and other mobile devices earlier this year.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Music industry fears iPhone effect

The music industry has long hoped mobile phones will help turn around weak music sales, but music executives privately fear the most obvious contender, the iPhone, may give too much clout to Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL - news), in shaping the future of the fledgling mobile music market.

Sales of CDs, still the dominant music format, have dropped more than 20 percent in 2007 from a year ago, according to Nielsen Soundscan. Digital music sales are gradually claiming a greater portion of the business, but the transition has been slow. Sales of full-length songs on cellphones still claim a small portion of the market.

Some executives say the iPhone could speed up that trend after the device's U.S. launch on Friday, if the much wider base of consumers who own cell phones see the phone as a music machine.

"It is going to change the way people think about their mobile from being a fringe portable entertainment device to everyone recognizing that this is a really desirable mainstream device," said Barney Wragg, global head of digital for EMI Group's (EMI.L) recorded music unit, the world's third-largest record company.

That view is tempered by concerns over Apple's increasing power base in digital music sales, which rose more than 50 percent in the first quarter, according to Nielsen Soundscan. The total U.S. music market slimmed to about $11.5 billion in 2006, according to music trade body Recording Industry Association of America.

"Ironically, the iPhone comes at a time when the music industry would like to see a stronger player other than Apple," says Michael Gartenberg, analyst at JupiterResearch.

Apple's iTunes Music Store, which sells only digital music on line, has risen to third place among music retailers overall with around 10 percent of sales in the United States, behind Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE:WMT - news) and Best Buy Co Inc. (NYSE:BBY - news), according to NPD Group. The company's iPod device also accounts for nearly 80 percent of the market for digital music players.

"But the real question is whether their competitors will be able to capitalize and offer improved service offerings that challenge Apple," Gartenberg said.

iphone music


Mobile handset makers and their network operator partners have been investing heavily in the music space. But many users still don't see their phone as a music device for anything beyond choosing ringtones.

JupiterResearch estimates that U.S. consumers will own nearly 28 million music playing phones by the end of 2007. But it expects that "only a modest percentage of consumers will actually listen to music on their phones."

The iPhone, which will be carried exclusively in the United States by AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T - news) for at least two years, will work like the iPod, syncing digital songs and video via the iTunes application on a desktop-based personal computer.

Some music industry watchers are surprised the iPhone will not offer over-the-air song downloads at launch. They see such a feature as the Holy Grail of digital music sales, allowing subscribers to buy music on impulse while on the move.

Rival operators Sprint Nextel Corp. (NYSE:S - news) and Verizon Wireless, a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ - news) and Vodafone Group (VOD.L), offer services that encourage impulse purchases of music downloads over the air.

In Europe, where the iPhone will launch next, over-the-air downloads are much more widely available.

"I don't think the iPhone is going to be the game changer that people are predicting," says Adam Sexton, chief marketing officer of Groove Mobile, the company which powers Sprint's music service and others in Europe.

While Apple may well meet its initial sales forecast of 10 million iPhones, that will still be less than 1 percent the world's global handset market, he noted. That leaves plenty of room for music companies to court other wireless partners.

"The record labels should be more focused on the other 99 percent," Sexton said.

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Nuance Buys T9 Text-Input Tool for CellPhones

Tegic developed the T9 interface in 1995 to simplify the typing of text messages on mobile phones. Rather than press 9-9-6-6-6-8-8 to spell the word "you," T9 users can type 9-6-8 and let the software predict which word they are trying to spell.

Nuance plans to integrate Tegic's T9 predictive text with its Voice Control software, obtained through the acquisition of MobileVoiceControl in January. Building on a partnership between Nuance and Tegic established in 2005, Nuance intends to deliver an all-in-one interface that integrates Nuance and Tegic solutions to support predictive text, speech and touch input.

T9 predictive text is embedded on more phones than any other single mobile software. By combining speech, handwriting and predictive text into a single interface, customers can benefit from reduced cost, risk and time to market.

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Samsung SGH-T409 Makes Calls Over T-Mobile Wi-Fi

Exclusive to T-Mobile, the T409 is an easy-to-use flip phone with a host of features, including Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth wireless technology, a built-in 1.3-megapixel camera with digital zoom and picture and ringer caller ID. Available in a sky blue color, the t409 seamlessly makes and receives calls over a home Wi-Fi network with T-Mobile HotSpot @Home.

The T409, a key component of T-Mobile HotSpot @Home, is designed to seamlessly connect customers to a home Wi-Fi connection or T-Mobile HotSpot. When T-Mobile HotSpot @Home customers leave home or a T-Mobile HotSpot, their calls seamlessly transfer onto T-Mobile's GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless network.

With the t409 and T-Mobile HotSpot @Home, customers can enjoy great mobile coverage and unlimited nationwide calling over their Wi-Fi network; the same benefits also extend to all of T-Mobile's nearly 8,500 HotSpot locations across the country.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Levi's Steel Mobile Phone

In tune with its young consumers, the Levi's brand is adding a fashionable, steel mobile phone to its range of lifestyle accessories. The Levi's phone embraces mobile technology and enables young people to connect, enjoy music, exchange images and videos whilst on the go.

The functional essence of the Levi's brand's design philosophy is captured by the phone's compact design and sturdy riveted steel casing. A unique detachable chain provides a clever design solution that allows users to fasten their phone to their jeans or bags.

The Levi's phone is offered in metallic silver, black and brown copper. Stylish feminine "shiny silver" and "shiny sand" editions, featuring a 'mirror' screen have also been created for the fashion forward.

The Levi's phone is under license by Paris-based ModeLabs Group. It will be available in selected stores throughout Europe as of September 2007.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Video stirs up iPhone mania

Less than a week before launching its closely guarded new cellphone, Apple has unveiled the technology industry's version of the Zapruder film.

The company added a 20-minute video "tour" of the iPhone to its website on Friday, revealing new features.

It also provides a demonstration of the phone's unusual touch-screen keyboard to answer concerns about whether consumers will accept one without physical buttons.

The video sent the blogosphere and would-be buyers into overdrive. Viewers pored over it for new clues with the gusto of conspiracy enthusiasts debating the grainy Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination.

"I've always had a huge case of gear lust for the iPhone," Susheel Daswani, 30, an attorney in San Francisco, said Sunday. "If I don't get one ... Friday, I'll be utterly disappointed."

Apple unveiled the "smart" cellphone in January, kicking off a six-month buildup to the start of sales this coming Friday.

That created a frenzy as consumers hunt for any morsels of new information about the combination phone, music player and Internet device.

The new video is the latest in a stream of iPhone announcements that Apple began dribbling out to further pique consumer interest in the device.

That strategy seems to be working: Among 68 consumers who said they planned to buy an iPhone, USA TODAY found that the video boosted their interest even more.

Mike Nowak, 42, a software developer at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, said he'd been a little worried about the button-free keyboard. But the video's demonstration of a feature that automatically corrects data-entry errors eased his mind.

"It looks smoother than I thought," he said.

The keyboard demonstration recommends users try typing first with a single index finger.

"As you get more proficient, migrate to using two thumbs," an actor demonstrating the gadget says in the video. "In about a week, you'll be typing faster on iPhone than on any other small keyboard."

Tom Krazit wrote on the CNet tech news site's blog that the video doesn't reveal "a whole lot of new things" that Apple had not disclosed before.

"But the company does address some of the early suspicions about the touch-screen keyboard," he wrote.

Jason Chen of the Gizmodo blog liked what he saw, writing, "Typing with two thumbs actually looks manageable."

Among the features revealed and demonstrated:

•Microsoft documents. Users will be able to view - but not edit - Word and Excel files. That's a plus for Hadrian Katz, 57, an attorney in McLean, Va.

He said he hopes future versions of the iPhone will let users edit those documents.

•Voice mail. Messages can be "rewound" like a sound file, Chen said.

•Video. A special YouTube player features icons to easily find and bookmark videos, then create an e-mail to send a video link to friends.

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