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Friday, January 19, 2007

Cheap cellphones chip

cellphone chip

Texas Instruments company denounced at the beginning of this 2007. that they are developing wide range of chips for cheap mobile phones. This cellphones should be presented in less developed countries for no more than $20 for plane models and about $35 per GPRS phones with camera and MP3 player. GSM association organized competition for less than $30 cellphones, two years ago. Motorola won that race with two models – C113 and C113a. They signed contract for 6 millions phones oriented to 10 mobile operators. Those cellphones influenced to growing of mobile market in India and China, where number of mobile users grows 5-6 millions every month.
Texas Instruments denounced chip series for EDGE phones, too, and those phones prise should be $50 - $100. The cellphones should have 2 or 3 Mpx cameras and quality MP3 players, too. They are preparing chips for 3G phones, too, for about $100 - $150.

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