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Friday, July 13, 2007

Skype is Available for Nokia N800

Skype is now available on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, bringing Skype conversations where a wireless internet connection (WiFi) is available.

Skype for the Nokia N800 will be available for download for existing users. There will also be Skype download links on the latest release of Nokia N800 devices which will be available at retail and on the Skype online store. From coffee shops and public parks to offices to hotels or even on the beach - users will now be able to make Skype calls anywhere they can find a WiFi hotspot.

Today, Skype is enjoyed by over 196 million people worldwide. Users download Skype software to make free voice and video calls and send instant messages over the Internet, between Skype users. Skype also offers paid-for services which let users make and forward calls to landlines and mobile phones at low per-minute rates. To enhance the Skype user experience, leading manufacturers such as Nokia have developed products that give users the additional flexibility to place and receive Skype calls wherever they are.

Support for Skype for the Nokia N800 is available with the feature upgrade release to the latest OS 2007 edition. The feature upgrade also introduces Adobe Flash 9 browser plug-in taking a step forward in web compatibility, support for larger capacity memory cards and considerably enhanced online use-times among other improvements. The OS upgrade is immediately installable from www.nokia.com/N800 .

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