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Friday, June 01, 2007

Nokia WidSets - Nokia leads mobile Internet innovation

WidSets - Bringing online communities and personalized Internet to mobile phones

The WidSets was identified and nurtured by the Nokia Emerging Business Unit. Launched last October, the WidSets is an innovative mobile Internet service platform and represents the first step in Nokia's vision to mobilize the Internet. It reached one million registered users worldwide in May 25 2007.

Now, Chinese consumers can also enjoy the WidSets, and experience the Web 2.0 services on their mobile phones.

Customers can easily download the WidSets software to their mobile phones for free. The software uses mini-applications called widgets to deliver real-time Internet content to mobile phones, that enables users to read news, blogs, e-mails, browse photos, and play games. The comprehensive library currently offers more than 1500 widgets, making the mobile Internet experience more organized, personalized, and exciting.

WidSets is a handset manufacturer-independent service that brings the best bits of the Internet, such as communities, news, blogs, reviews, and weather reports straight to the mobile phone. It uses widgets to deliver up to date Internet content to mobile phones and enables the user to create their own widgets.

"WidSets service is free, and the easiest and most enjoyable way for mobile phone users to keep in touch with the content, blogs and communities they love because the service is constantly updated with feedback from the users," said Mr. Ding Gang, Director, WidSets China team, Nokia Emerging Business Unit. "Nokia, by driving WidSets, wants to offer people a growing variety of ways to access and interact with the web from mobile devices."

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