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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nokia cellphones series

Nokia mobile have lots of mixed classes now days, but here is try to classify Nokia cellphones general.

- Base – simple cellphones made for people who just started using cellulars. You can use them without big experience with mobile technology but their features are limited, too. Representative models here are 1100 and 2300.

- Expression – Those are mainly phones in series 3xxx. The best examples are Nokia 3100 and 3200. Also, before them, there were 3210 and 3310/3330.

- Middle class – cellphones on overlap in Imaging and Expression category. Those are models 3650, 3660 and 3200.

- Fun class – Here are cell phones combining mobile functionality with playing games and listening mp3 music. The best examples are Nokia 3300 and 5510. For passionate gamers on mobile devices, there are N-Gage and N-Gage QD.

- Sport – Models with rubber box outside. Nice if you have a chance to drop mobile on ground. Nokia 5210 and 5100 are one of that kind.

- Fashion – Nokia models for people who like nice and pretty, fashion cellphone. 8310, 7200 and 7210.

- Classic series – Made for business users. The best in this series are 6310, 6310i, 6510, 6650. And don't forget 6230 model.

- Premium Nokia models – models with exclusive design like 8850, 8910, 8910i. This is something like Fashion series but with better material and bigger price.

- Smartphone communicator – business mobiles with special «smart» functions. Here, there are 6600, 7650, 9210, 9210i and 9500.

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