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Monday, January 29, 2007

Samsung cellphone classes

Samsung logo

Samsung cellphone classes and series

In past, Samsung had 4 main mobile classes:
- Fashion segment – atractive, beauty and fashionable cellphones.
- Business class – functionality was main caracteristics here.
- Tech-Technology – The newest technology functions.
- Base models – Simplest cellphones, easy for use and low price.

Last cellulars from Samsung made in old classification were A800, R210, N620, S500 and T400. At spring 2003, Samsung mobile company ratify new classification with letters:

- P series – premium models, with tech and multimedia functionality.
- E series – exclusive cellphone models, fashion is priority.
- D series – in this Samsung class, they put business models.
- X series – Here are cellulars special made for fun and playing games.
- C series – classic cellphone models made for all.
- I series – Cell phones made as combination of mobile phone and digital assistent.
- Z series – New, 3G mobiles based on UMTS technology.



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