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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bluejacking – BlueTooth messaging

Bluejacking is sort of modern way to fun, to make a joke with some people you don't know. That's Bluetooth messaging, but that are not SMS, MMS, or some other usual messages. We are talking about phonebook contacts. This way, person who gets message can't know who sent that message.
For successful Bluetooth bluejacking, cellphones have to be no more than 10 meters ( about 30 feet) one by other, both have Bluetooth and Visible option turned on, and both have automatic receiving business cards option, without user confirmation. All SE models have that, Nokia 6310i , Nokia 7650, too.
How to do Bluejacking if all conditions are there? Make new contact, in Name field, type funny message, and save in cellular phonebook. Go to public place where there are lots of people (with cellphones turned on, so no use to try this in cinema during the film ;) ). Open phonebook, scroll to that contact, and chose option «Send with Bluetooth». Your cellphone will search for available phones for receiving, and will give you the results. You shall see phone models of potential receivers. Than, just select who will receive message and sent the contact. You should hear someone phone beeped when he/she received your message. And you can look at his or her face when reads message. ;)

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Blogger Stephen said...

Its nice to see someone has actually took time to research bluejacking and not made it out to be illegal. As fro the 10 metre rule that differs now-a-days as dongles can make stuff go further. Apparently the weather plays a part in the range too, if its raining then its going to stop files transferring over bigger distances. A site that is helpful is www.bluejackaddicts.com , loads of info there about bluejacking.

5:36 AM


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