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Saturday, March 03, 2007

How to connect Sony Ericsson cellphone with PC

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There are three ways to connect Sony Ericsson cellphone with your computer. Bluetooth (you need bluetooth USB adapter for PC), USB (you need just USB cable for that) and InfraRed ( you need IrDA USB adapter for PC).
For connecting, you also need suitable software. If you have software you have got on CD when you were buying cellphone or adapter (Sony Ericsson PC suite), than you can use it. If you don't, than you can find it and download it from internet. There are many file managers for Sony Ericsson cellphones. One of the best is FloAt's Mobile Agent. That software was made primarily for Sony Ericsson T610, but it can be used for other newer SE cellular, too. FloAt's Mobile Agent can be used like SMS Manager, Mobile Phone Monitor, Remote Control Agent, Phonebook Manager, Organizer, Fun, etc. And you can download it http://fma.sourceforge.net/index2.htm .
You can also use Sony Ericsson File Manager. It can be download from SE official website. Go to www.sonyericsson.com/support , select your Region, go to «Global support area», find you phone model, go to Applications / File manager and just follow the instructions.

Bluetooth Sony Ericsson connectivity with PC

Install bluetooth with software you have. Than, turn-on bluetooth on cellphone. Connectivity - Bluetooth - Turn On.
Of course, phone must be visible for computer to be recognized. Connectivity - Bluetooth - Visibility - Show Phone .
When you're done with that, open Bluetooth software, and find Bluetooth devices. Find the cellphone and go rigth click with mouse. Pop up window will show up. Click on «Paring» . Window for password will be showed (default password is 0000). Repeat same procedure on cellphone adding computer in My devices.

USB Sony Ericsson connectivity with PC

First, install drivers for USB cable. If you don't have drivers, you can download them here for DCU-11 DCU-11 drivers
And for DCU-10 DCU-10 drivers
Plug USB on your PC. If you have CD with drivers, just follow instructions on CD. If you were download drivers from net, than chose «install from a specific location», click on Next
and select option «Don't search - next - have disc - browse - paste drivers address – open – ok. Select USB cable DCU11 or DCU 10 from list and go «Next – Finish». Now, you have to mark Com port. Go to «Start – Settings - Control Panel – System – Hardware - Device Manager» find USB and in Ports mark port. In Control Panel click on Phone Monitor Options, fill informations first time, open COM ports tab and pick one you marked with ENABLE.

PC setup

Using FloAt's Mobile Agent

After you installed FloAt's Mobile Agent, and software you have got with bluetooth, Infrared adapter or USB cable, you will have to set up FloAt's Mobile Agent. Open it and go to «Tools – Options». Click on «Native Bluetooth» and type in address ( CP>>> BT Devices, find the phone, click on Properties and copy/paste) and let port stay on 0 – OK. Than, in FloAt's Mobile Agent's toolbar go to «»Phone – Connect».

Using Sony Ericsson File Manager

In Sony Ericsson File Manager open «My phones» wizard will show up and just follow the instructions.

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